Hi There,
Okay, so we are new to this whole blogging and logging thing! I guess this is the section where we tell you who we are and why we have decided to start our fun little blog.

I am Victoria, a 23 year old mummy to a curious, outgoing little chap called Kylan. He is 4 and a half. This is his very last summer before starting reception *wipes tear*.

We like to do lots of fun things together and we like to create adventures.
Mummy, Daddy and Kylan all live in Hertfordshire with Kylan’s Grumpy Grandad and Nanny C (also two really noisy cockatiels, a fish names Trevor and a scary snake!).

We have started this blog so that we can document all of our fun adventures and what we get up to. We will post regular updates about all sorts of things. From funny talks to forest walks. If you like us, please share, follow or leave us a comment. We will say hello back!

If we inspire you to do any of the activities you see here, please comment and tell us about it or leave us a picture! (assuming I have a comment section because I haven’t got to that bit yet!)