The “I’m Bored” Box!

This is our “I’m Bored” Box.


Inside this box is lots and lots of folded pieces of paper. On each one is a fun, spontaneous and free (or very cheap) thing to do. Whenever we have nowhere to be or nothing to do, Kylan picks one at random. We then do whatever it is we pick out.
Sometimes we choose 1 a day, other days we may choose 3 a day. There really is not limit or rules, it is all about having fun, going on adventures and creating memories.


Once we choose one, and read it, we fold it back up and put it back so we can repeat the fun over and over again.
As he grows up and seasons change, we will add more activities, tasks and crafts into our box, whilst getting rid of the ones he grows out of as and when we come across them. (although most are pretty age generic for a couple of years atleast).
Some may have to be adapted depending on your surroundings and circumstances. We may choose one that says “Read a book outside” on a rainy day. Reading outside on a rainy day will obviously ruin your books, so instead you can adapt it and read a book inside instead. (although no one says you can’t go on a forest trail in the rain! Wellies and umbrella’s are fun!).

Get making and have fun.
If anybody is interested in a PDF file with all of the activities on it, so you can print and cut out at home – let me know in the comments.


For a full list of our activities please click here. You are welcome to print our list and share it. Although it would be great if you could follow us and leave us a comment too!


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