Boredom Busters and Activity Ideas for kids!

Here is a list of all of the activities, tasks and things to do that we have in our “I’m Bored” Box, the idea is to write them down, fold them up, randomly pick something and spontaneously do whatever you fish out!

  1. Lets do some washing up and have fun with the bubbles!
  2. Lets go to a park we have never been to before! Find a local park to you here.
  3. Lets go on a photo scavenger hunt! Get the camera out, compile a scavenger list or print our one here, and get hunting and snapping!
  4. Lets make jelly! What is your favourite flavour?
  5. Lets have a teddy bears picnic! Call on some friends, grab your favourite teddy, and make a packed lunch. You can either sit in your garden or go to a park!
  6. Lets make an outside movie theatre! Lay down lots of blankets and cushions, make some popcorn and take the laptop or tablet outside to watch Netflix. Click here to sign up for a months free trial!
  7. Lets go pine cone hunting! How many can you find? What can you make out of them?
  8. Lets go and buy ice cream from the drive-thru!
  9. Get the paddling pool out and splash around!
  10. Lets watch a movie! You choose! Here is a list of our favourite movies!
  11. Make a list of things you want to do in your life. Dream Big. If you can dream it, you can do it.
  12. Lets get messy and do some finger painting. Why not lay out some old wallpaper and make paint footprints too?
  13. Draw a picture to display on the front of the fridge!
  14. Lets go and make a mud pie!
  15. Go out for a walk and don’t go home until you have photographed 6 different bugs. Can you name the bugs you have snapped?
  16. Make and decorate biscuits!
  17. Lets make lolly stick superheroes. (tutorial here, credited to gluedtomycrafts)
  18. Lets go and take Daddy some lunch! See here for when we did this.
  19. Lets go and buy a kinder egg.What surprise will you get?
  20. Lets build a den! Grab lots of sheets, blankets and pillows and get building!
  21. Lets go and feed the ducks! Did you know that bread can be dangerous for ducks? Why not feed them defrosted peas or sweetcorn, oats or chopped grapes instead! More information about the dangers of bread can be found here.
  22. Lets make some gloop! Just mix 2 parts cornflour with 1 part water and have some messy sensory play (that magically isn’t as messy as it looks – just trust me, it’s rather cool)
  23. Lets go and see some cows. How many can you see? Talk about what cows eat and how they give us milk.
  24. Lets have a game of bowling. Either at your local bowling alley, or make your own. Get creative and paint some bottles, stand them up and go and get your football or tennis ball from the garden!
  25. Go Geocaching!
  26. Lets go and pick some daisies! Why not take them home and make a pretty picture with them.
  27. Read 5 books. Click here for Kylans top 10 books!
  28. Decorate a plant pot and put it in your garden!
  29. Make a rain catcher. Heres how thanks to MumInTheMadHouse!
  30. Make paper flowers! See here to find out how!
  31. Lets do some potato printing.
  32. Lets write a story and the put it on your bookshelf.
  33. Pretend you are a knight/princess for 1 whole hour!
  34. Play with sponges and water outside and talk about ‘absorption’.
  35. Make an un-birthday cake complete with candles. Just because!
  36. Lets plant some seeds!
  37. Make an obstacle course, indoors or outdoors! You can jump over cushions, crawl under sheets, climb over chairs and scamper through tunnels. Use you imagination, the trickier and longer – the better!
  38. Make someone a card and then go and deliver it.
  39. Do a jigsaw outside!
  40. Scoot or ride around the block.
  41. Make chalk pictures outside on the pavement. Why not draw around each other and write your name?
  42. Go to a discovery centre!
  43. Have a tea party with your toys!
  44. Lets make fruit kebabs. Get all your favourite fruits together, cut them up and push onto skewers. A healthy and refreshing snack!
  45. Lets play hide ‘n’ seek!
  46. Lets play with water balloons! If you don’t have any, nip out and buy some!
  47. Make a fairy garden.
  48. Lets go to the pet shop to see the baby animals.
  49. Lets bake a cake! What flavour will you make?
  50. Lets make a ladybird garden in a box and then find some ladybirds to put in it! Remember to let them go when you are finished!
  51. Lets go buy water pistols! Parent Vs Child. Ready. Set. GO!
  52. Lets play snap! Or maybe a different card game?
  53. Play with your toy cars/ dollies.
  54. Go on a scavenger hunt! Check out and print our list here.
  55. Lets go to the splash park. Take a picnic and plenty of sun cream!
  56. Lets go and buy a cake.
  57. Lets go and play outside.
  58. Lets go and pick some flowers. Can you name any of the flowers you have picked?
  59. Lets paint outside with water. Like this.
  60. Find shapes in the clouds. What can you see?
  61. Lets go to a village pub for a coke! Kylan isn’t allowed to drink fizzy pop so this is a rare treat and one he will be very excited to pick.
  62. Lets get comfy and read books outside
  63. Send someone an email. This is a great chance to practice letter recognition!
  64. Go to the driving range and hit some balls.
  65. Play nature bingo. Printable available here.
  66. Go swimming! Find your local pool here.
  67. Organise all of your toys! Replace missing bits to their boxes, categorise toys and games, de-clutter toy boxes and bin broken toys. (Give unwanted toys to charity!)
  68. Go on a litter pick. Get some rubber or latex gloves and a bin bag and go and do a good deed for the community!
  69. Find 5 toys to give to charity. Talk about the cause you are helping.
  70. Lets go find and some leaves and make collages!
  71. Lets do some painting.
  72. Lets go get ice cream!
  73. Lets play a computer game.
  74. Find out if a water balloon sinks or floats.
  75. Make a bird house!
  76. Lets make coke floats. (Coca cola with a scoop of ice cream)
  77. Lets cook daddy dinner. Find a recipe, go shopping, make a menu, lay the table and serve dinner.
  78. Lets make homemade bubbles. Just add washing up liquid to water.
  79. Cut letters out of newspapers and magazines and make your name!
  80. Lets go and buy a new toy from a charity shop. Talk about where your money is going and how it is going to help.
  81. Go to the museum!
  82. Lets play ‘Simon Says’
  83. Lets make paper boats and then go and race them!
  84. Go on a bus ride to anywhere. Just because!
  85. Think of 5 words that rhyme with FUN.
  86. Lets go out and find 5 things that are RED.
  87. Lets do some maths! Find and print age appropriate work sheets here.
  88. Count how many BLUE things you can see around the house
  89. Make paper aeroplanes and race them.
  90. Lets make homemade jam. Heres a recipe!
  91. Lets go on a sound safari. Printable available here.
  92. Play with play dough
  93. Have a bubble bath!
  94. Lets make a book! Choose a fairy tale and draw the pictures.
  95. Lets make gingerbread.
  96. Lets have a water fight.
  97. Lets make a fairy door and put it outside!
  98. Lets make cupcakes
  99. Lets do a random act of kindness.
  100. Go on a bug hunt.
  101. Visit the library. Become a member if you aren’t already!
  102. Do mummy’s hair and make up and choose her clothes for the day!
  103. Lets go and play football
  104. Lets go to soft play
  105. Lets have a treasure hunt! Hide chocolate coins around the house and/or garden and then search away!
  106. Lets facetime someone
  107. Read a book
  108. Practise writing your numbers. How high can you go?
  109. Go for a picnic
  110. Lets build a bug hotel!
  111. Lets play ‘Tag’
  112. Visit a friend!
  113. Draw our house. Why not draw your family too.
  114. Go to a play scheme. Find a local one here.
  115. Play hopscotch!
  116. Go for a drive and count the red cars.
  117. Go fruit picking!
  118. Practise writing our letters in a tray of flour or salt.
  119. Lets go to the park!
  120. Lets have a mini sports day with a sack race (pillowcases) and an egg n spoon race!
  121. Lets wash the car
  122. Practice writing the alphabet
  123. Make music
  124. Lets make windmills.
  125. Lets paint a rainbow!
  126. Do some colouring in
  127. Write someone a letter
  128. Go and collect stones and make stone-bugs like this.
  129. Lets take cakes to the fire station to thank the fireman for helping our community!
  130. Water the flowers. If you don’t have any then why not offer to water a neighbours, relatives or friends?
  131. Lets go make a birds nest! Collect grass, twigs and sticks and get creative.
  132. Make a homemade pizza
  133. Build with lego
  134. Lets make milkshake
  135. Lets go choose some food to take to the food bank. Talk about how and who it will help.
  136. Make a bird feeder. Mix wild bird seeds and peanut butter into a big clump, spoon into an orange peel and hang from the tree. Quietly watch for birds.
  137. Paint some pebbles
  138. Eat an ice lolly
  139. Lets find a pen pal!
  140. Make fruit ice lollies
  141. Have an alphabet scavenger hunt. Find things beginning with every letter of the alphabet!
  142. Lets go buy a craft to do

Sound Safari Printable

This is our Sound Safari!!
It is a little bit different from the normal “looking” and “finding” scavenger hunts that you usually come across.
Whilst they are fun, why not exercise other senses too? We have made this Sound Safari. It is effectively a scavenger hunt, but using your ears instead of your eyes!
Feel free to print this out, get your listening ears on and away you go. Tick things off your list as you hear them, then when you get home, count how many ticks you have.
Comment and let us know how you get on!!!

Please click here to print our PDF: sound safari

The “I’m Bored” Box!

This is our “I’m Bored” Box.


Inside this box is lots and lots of folded pieces of paper. On each one is a fun, spontaneous and free (or very cheap) thing to do. Whenever we have nowhere to be or nothing to do, Kylan picks one at random. We then do whatever it is we pick out.
Sometimes we choose 1 a day, other days we may choose 3 a day. There really is not limit or rules, it is all about having fun, going on adventures and creating memories.


Once we choose one, and read it, we fold it back up and put it back so we can repeat the fun over and over again.
As he grows up and seasons change, we will add more activities, tasks and crafts into our box, whilst getting rid of the ones he grows out of as and when we come across them. (although most are pretty age generic for a couple of years atleast).
Some may have to be adapted depending on your surroundings and circumstances. We may choose one that says “Read a book outside” on a rainy day. Reading outside on a rainy day will obviously ruin your books, so instead you can adapt it and read a book inside instead. (although no one says you can’t go on a forest trail in the rain! Wellies and umbrella’s are fun!).

Get making and have fun.
If anybody is interested in a PDF file with all of the activities on it, so you can print and cut out at home – let me know in the comments.


For a full list of our activities please click here. You are welcome to print our list and share it. Although it would be great if you could follow us and leave us a comment too!